Meet DJ Wordy, the self-taught artist who put China on the turntable map

Season 1 - Ep.6 /Nov 29, 2019

He represented China three times in the ‘DJ Olympics’ and was one of the first Chinese artists to perform at EDC in Las Vegas.

DJ Wordy is one of China’s earliest turntable masters, having picked up the skills and gone pro long before it reached mainstream popularity in the country.

He’s represented China three times at the DMC World DJ Championships—widely recognized in the industry as the “DJ Olympics”—and was also one of the first Chinese artists to perform at EDC, North America’s largest electronic dance music festival.

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As his fame grew abroad—thanks in part to the 2008 Beijing Olympics—he landed sponsorship deals, including one with Diplo for a commercial shoot. He’s hung out with hip-hop royalty like Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dame Dash and rapper Lupe Fiasco.

In this video, he tells us about how he started from nothing—and how he feels about newer DJs these days.

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Producer and Editor: Hanley Chu

Videographers: Hanley Chu and Zhang Kai

Animators: Ray Ngan and Carol Ng

Narrator: Hanley Chu

Mastering: Victor Peña