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Welcome to Goldthread

Hello and welcome! Goldthread is a culture publication focused on today's China and understanding it better through its food, people, and travel.

We’re a group of journalists and video producers who are on a mission to bring you good stories from China and beyond.

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Meet the team

Tiffany Y. Ip
Tiffany Ip is a reporter at Goldthread. She is a master of five languages including Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. When she laughs, she can't stop.
Yoyo H. Chow
Yoyo Chow is a reporter at Goldthread. She was previously a video journalist at Reuters, covering daily news and producing feature stories during the 2019 protests and the pandemic. She was also a freelance social video producer with SCMP.
Jingyi Liu
Jingyi Liu is a reporter at Goldthread who loves vlogging with her phone. She is originally of Hakka descent, and grew up immersed in Teoswa culture. She used to be an active Dota 2 gamer, and now spends all her time on YouTube, Bilibili, and Netflix.
Lyn Yang
Lyn Yang is a reporter at Goldthread. She was previously a producer at China Daily.
Victoria Ho
executive producer
Victoria keeps the Goldthread show running behind the scenes. She is fluent in Taobao and memes, and is never without a giant pot of tea on her table.
Victor Peña
video department director
Victor has the most computer monitors out of the entire team and he uses them at a master class level. When he isn’t arranging his monitors, he is mostly just kicking ass and taking names. In his free time, he enjoys drinking iced lemon tea and brushing his hair.
Dai Qian
Content Director
Daisy keeps the team in check. As a Shanghai native, she makes sure we get our Chinese interpretations right and never recommends a bad restaurant in her city.
Clarissa Wei
Our nature girl and plant whisperer, Clarissa also functions as travel agent for the video guys on the team when they scope out new story locations in mainland China.
Jessica Novia
Jessica is a Singaporean import who researches and produces videos about interesting people and places in China. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and making salads.
Gavin Huang
Site Editor
Gavin takes all our scripts and articles and runs them through a fine-tooth comb. As the team's fire warden, Gavin is also solely responsible for everyone's safety in the event of an emergency.
Hanley Chu
video producer
Camera-toting Hanley is always ready for a good candid shot of the team. He's also our resident hip-hop expert. His secret to life? Don’t use conditioner.
Nicholas Ko
senior video producer
Is a camera. Gets emotionally attached to every story he shoots. Is Hanley’s biggest supporting actor.
Cassie Fei
Cassie Fei is a reporter at Goldthread. She was previously a filmmaker, documentary producer, and motion animator.
Joel Roche
video editor
Joel is a video whiz and cheery Aussie who is always down for a local street side snack no matter how weird or wonderful. He likes to keep the GT video making upbeat and there’s no secret why he’s the No. 1 favorite person among all the aunties in the company.