Inking Chinese and Yakuza-style tattoos in conservative China

Sep 04, 2018

Jiuwu is a professional tattoo artist in Beijing, China. He’s been an artist and master tattoo artist for decades and is known for blending his modern techniques with traditional Chinese folklore and Yakuza-style tattoos.

In this video, he talked to us about the first tattoo in China, how society’s acceptance of tattoos is in constant flux, and the type of clients who come to him for body artwork.

Voiceover by: Dolly Li

Written by: Dolly Li and George Zhi Zhao

Featuring: Jiuwu

Produced by: George Zhi Zhao

Shot by: Timmy Shen, Xinyan Yu, and George Zhi Zhao

Edited by: George Zhi Zhao

Mastered by: Victor Peña

Chinese mythologyChinese social pressureYakuzaTattoos