The last store in Singapore that still hand-carves Taoist statues

Mar 19, 2019

At the Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop in Singapore, a family has been making Taoist effigies by hand for over 100 years.

These creations are hand-carved painted statues of various gods that Taoists worship. Many handmade-effigy shops have since disappeared because of factories that can mass-produce statues on a larger scale and at a lower price.

The Ng family is the last of their kind keeping the craft alive in Singapore. Their way of surviving in the 21st century? A combination of public workshops and tours offered through Airbnb.

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Written, Produced, and Edited by: Jade Han

Narrated by: Dolly Li

Shot by: Wan Zhong Hao

Mastered by: Joel Roche