We’re in love with these cute Vitasoy pins

Jan 18, 2019

Now you can proudly wear your love of Vitasoy on your chest.


These pins are perfect replicas of all your favorite cardboard-box drinks, from sweet soy milk to chrysanthemum and lemon tea.

They’re the brainchild of San Francisco-based graphic designer Susan Lau, who wanted to pay homage to the iconic beverages that were part of her childhood.


“I’ve seen a lot of merchandise and trinkets centered around Japanese snacks like Pocky and Ramune,” she says, “but not much with Chinese snacks. While I grew up with both, one was vastly underrepresented.”

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Lau initially made the illustrations for herself out of childhood nostalgia but found that the designs resonated with others.

“I started with chrysanthemum tea and soy milk only actually, and expanded after all my friends asked me to make lemon tea because that was their personal favorite.”

You can find the Vitasoy pins and other Asian-inspired designs on Lau’s Etsy store.

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