White Rabbit Candy is releasing a lip balm

Sep 13, 2018

There’ll soon be another way to get your White Rabbit Candy fix. The retro icon and childhood favorite is coming out with a lip balm next month. 

The chewy milky candy, which is often associated with its edible rice paper wrapper, has been made in Shanghai since the '40s, and you’ll find it popularly sold in Chinatowns all over the world today.

The new lip balm will be made by Chinese cosmetics company Maxam.

Maxam's new lip balm.
Maxam's new lip balm.

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Word quickly spread on Chinese social media. “I might accidentally eat it,” said a user on Weibo, the country’s version of Twitter.

White Rabbit candy was created to mimic milk candies from the UK, and was first sold with a Mickey Mouse illustration on its packaging. During China’s Cultural Revolution in the '60s, Mickey was removed because the cartoon character was seen as a symbol of foreign worship, so a rabbit was painted for the candy’s new design, instead.

One of the earlier redesigns of the candy's packaging.
One of the earlier redesigns of the candy's packaging.

The candy is so iconic for China that it was one of the items given to U.S. president Richard Nixon when he visited in the '70s.

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