At some point, you have to start asking whether you really should put boba in everything.

Domino’s and Pizza Hut release boba pizza in Taiwan

Oct 29, 2019

Where else but in Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea, would two international pizza chains make a tapioca pearl pizza?

At some point, you have to start asking whether you really should put boba in everything.

Just in time for Halloween, Domino’s Pizza in Taiwan has released a Frankenstein creation called “black sugar pearl pizza,” complete with mozzarella cheese, tapioca pearls, mochi balls, and a generous dose of honey.

Domino’s “black sugar pearl pizza.”
Domino’s “black sugar pearl pizza.” / Photo: Domino’s Pizza Taiwan

Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut in Taiwan at the same time began sales of its own boba pizza. Along with the standard bubbles and mozzarella cheese, its version comes with a drizzle of tea-accented milk cream. Yum.

Pizza Hut’s “QQ black sugar pearl pizza.”
Pizza Hut’s “QQ black sugar pearl pizza.” / Photo: Pizza Hut Taiwan

Dessert pizzas are popular across Asia, where you might find gorgonzola pizzas topped with honey, caramelized onions, or even sweet potatoes.

But the two pizza chains are taking localization to the next level with their take on boba pastries.

Boba desserts have been a fad for years now in Taiwan, where two teahouses claim to have invented bubble tea back in the 1980s.

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The chewy pearls, beloved locally for their so-called “Q” texture, can be found in everything from croissants to sandwiches.

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The boba pizza at Domino’s and Pizza Hut are limited-time offerings. Domino’s is selling its pizza until Nov. 24 and Pizza Hut until Dec. 30.

Domino’s found that its dessert sales in Taiwan tend to increase as the weather gets colder between summer and fall, reported local outlet United Daily News.

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