How to make perfect Cantonese white cut chicken

Apr 02, 2019

At its core, Cantonese white cut chicken is just boiled chicken. But it’s also about getting the timing and texture right.

The dish is a staple at most roast meat restaurants (despite the chicken not being roasted) and is remarkably simple in composition.

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The chicken is marinated in salt and then poached in chicken broth with ginger. It’s then ladled out and immediately plunged in an ice water bath, which gives the skin a filmy texture.

The accompanying condiment, called geung yung (姜蓉), is a slurry of ginger, green onion, salt, and oil. Don’t be alarmed if the bones are slightly pink; bloody marrow is simply part of the experience.

Los Angeles-based chef Johnny Lee shares his secret to perfect white cut chicken and why he’s so passionate about Cantonese cuisine.

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