Our best adventures of 2019: Meeting Li Ziqi, picking wild tea, and living off the grid in Hong Kong

Dec 31, 2019

From a guy who lives off the grid in Hong Kong to a couple who picks their own tea, these were some of our favorite stories of 2019.

This year, the Goldthread team traveled to over 20 cities in China to document life in the country and capture human stories.

Many of those stories took us on adventures outside the city.

We went to the outskirts of bustling Hong Kong to visit a man who’s chosen to live off the grid, meaning he heats his own home and harnesses his own electricity from solar panels.

We met a couple who forages for tea leaves in the wild, and interviewed the elusive Li Ziqi, whose dazzling videos of life in rural Sichuan Province have earned her millions of fans worldwide.

In this video, producer Clarissa Wei rounds up some of her favorite nature stories of 2019.

Year in Review 2019


Host and Producer: Clarissa Wei

Editor and Videographer: Nicholas Ko

Voiceover and Mastering: Victor Peña