The funniest outtakes from our week with Dianxi Xiaoge

Mar 14, 2020

From muddy Dawang to Dianxi Xiaoge’s obsessive compulsive side, these were some of our favorite moments from our week with her.

With over 11 million followers worldwide, Dianxi Xiaoge is known for her cooking videos showcasing the traditional food of Yunnan Province. We went to live with her for a week and had a blast meeting her family and learning more about her most iconic dishes.

To conclude the series, we’ve compiled some of our favorite candid moments with her—from Dawang splattering us with mud to Dianxi Xiaoge revealing some of her perfectionist side. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

If you missed any of the episodes, check out our full Dianxi Xiaoge series here.

At Home With Dianxi Xiaoge


Host and Producer: Clarissa Wei

Videographers: Hanley Chu and Shirley Xu

Editor: Hanley Chu

Mastering: Victor Peña