Little farmer in the big city

Sep 24, 2018

Lei Yan shows us her vegetables, pokes at some bees, and takes us around her urban farm in Chongqing. She is one of the many migrants laborers who moved from the rural countryside of China to the megacity that’s home over 30 million people to be a factory worker.

In between the work grind and city life, she’s found solace in a patch of green land where she’s able to grow her own food and upkeep her farming skills.

ChongqingMigrant workersChinese farmersUrban garden


Written by: Nathan Gibson

Story Editor: Dolly Li

Voiceover: Dolly Li

Produced by: Nathan Gibson & Mia Ma

Shot by: Nathan Gibson

Edited by: Nathan Gibson & Joel Roche

Mastered by: Victor Peña