Why Pixar animated a bao, according to director Domee Shi

Jun 20, 2018

At 28 years old, Domee Shi has become the first woman to ever direct a short film at Pixar. Her new film, Bao, is a story about a Chinese mom whose homemade dumpling magically turns into a baby boy.

We knew there’d be lots of hidden gems for the audience, especially for kids who grew up in households with Chinese parents, so we called up Domee to get the inside scoop.

And if this wasn’t enough baos for you, take a look at our extremely comprehensive illustrated guide to 20 different Chinese baos.

Featuring: Domee Shi and her mother, Ningsha Zhong

Produced by: Dolly Li

Edited by: Nicholas Ko

Mastered by: Victor Peña

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