Taobao Finds Under $30: Self-Heating Instant Food

Jun 04, 2021

Victoria and Jessica try a fad that has taken the Chinese internet by storm: self-heating instant food!   

Taobao is China’s Amazon. You can buy everything from groceries to electronics, and even hire someone to argue for you.

Last year, we challenged our Taobao Queen, Victoria, to use her Taobao skills to help get us through the holiday season. This year, we’re tapping into her skills yet again to help us thrive, not just survive, through another year of staying at home.  

(Taobao is a product of Alibaba, which owns the South China Morning Post, the parent company of Goldthread. That has not affected the content of this video in any way.)

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Hosts: Victoria Ho and Jessica Novia

Producer: Jessica Novia

Videographer: Russell Chan

Editors: Alejo Rodriguez and Hanley Chu

Animation: Stella Yoo

Mastering: Victor Peña